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Giving Back

When i decided to go into photography full time few years ago, i was very skeptical. Skeptical because it was a skeletal industry, skeptical because communication wasnt this efficient, financing wasnt this good, there was technically no structure, or wait let me rephrase, the existing structure created wasn’t sustainable and wasn’t properly laid out to ensure its own growth, Coupled with the wrong notion that the Older colleagues were not willing to pass down knowledge whgich i found to be false.

It wasnt just working and yet i wanted to go into it. With this existing problem i vowed that once i go into the industry, i would train at least 500 young photographers both directly and indirectly before bowing out of the industry. *Guess i didnt know technology was going to change thge narrative.

Fast forward few years later, i have impacted both directly and indirectly over 2000 young photographers and creatives. Nothing brings me more joy than seeing these people succeed. Meaning should i decide to pursue other dreams, there will be brilliant young super-creative photographers to rule the world.

So you can imagine how excited i was when i was sent couple of invites to share knowledge with younger , established and aspiring photographers.


So please i would love to share with you, do ensure you follow me on my social media pages for updates on various classes and conferences i will be speaking till the end of the year.


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Kola Oshalusi