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Cant Wait for the BOP Cottage Conference


Nothing is more thrilling than setting out to achieve a goal and despite difficulties, achieving and surpassing such goals.

The Business of photography conference started as an idea with my colleagues, we felt the industry needed a booster and a meeting point where ideas can be exchanged and truth is theres no better way to do that than creating an avenue to pull everyone together young and old,

So we came up with a Magazine website called with the sole purpose of reporting new inventions and innovation within the industry as well as featuring works of talented photographers around the world. We then decided to put together a conference that will encourage people meeting physically and boy it was a hit.

It truly showed the industry was yearning for this. we had facilitators, exhibitors and attendees from all facets. Vendors who merchandised in photography equipments and consumable were there to give out whooping discounts, Seasoned photographers had Masterclasses and we had loads of talented creatives exhibited their works. It truly was fulfilling .

So after the conference we thought to do a survey on the impact of the conference on the attendees and other photographers and shockingly realized that most of the attendees didnt totally grasp the enormity of the solution and further research showed us that almost every market in Nigeria was unique, and the only way around was to localize the challenges.

Hence we came up with the cottage Conference, which will address local challenges statewise, while the Conference becomes a national conversation point to help address the challenges on a larger scale.

So the 1st edition of the Conference will be coming up in Benin and Sincerely i am very scared as with all projects i work on, but truth is God has blessed me with the most amazing team in the World who are willing to take on any Challenge no matter how BIG.

So what do i say?

You just have to be there…

Kola Oshalusi